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The levels below were provided by Colin Garbutt, the author of KYE. They used to be included in the registration disk and now they are available conserving the original spirit of charity. You may use them as long as you accept the compromise to make a donation to any Children's Charity (Click HERE for a list of some). The  levels have been posted based on the honor system with the belief that you honestly will make such a donation. "After all, this is what the programme is all about".
"Good luck - have fun - AND do some good."


New Level Files.
Bob Whitaker (rwhitaker@cix) rw1
Chris Stevens chris2
Emily Morton fissio
Jan Wilson gnats,cop
Lucy Hodgman lucy
Mike Ketcham angie
tmathews@cix tim1
CIS 75600,1142 erin
Garry Knudson (CIS 70303,2203) garry,wave,hard,nasty
Positive Ltd. positive
Jenny Garbutt jenny
Lizzie Garbutt lizzy
Chris (CIS 70374,3030) chris
CIS 100023,1175 factor
Doug Parizeau (CIS 73667,1753) vlcano
Sean Doherty sean
Ray Daniels ray
Mark & Dave @ Positive Ltd. plus2
     (see plus2.txt)
Ian Docherty icd
John D Hayward jdh
Peter Harris peteskye
Stuart Blackmore stusoft
CIS 71660,535 doors
Charles D Price amazin
Andrew Evans nathan
Nathan Evans (age 6) warrior
Phil Marsland phil
CIS 70541,1542 speedo
CK Park ckp001
N.I.Beighton custom
Chris Curnow chris3
Dominic Isaia fifi
Robert Lee r_lee
Roy Taylor jasper
Ray Pink pinkye
Bill Birch & all at Bull bull1, bull2
Colin Tuckley (CIS 100116,133) tail
Dennis K Fitzgerald (CIS 72627,1442) dkf, monsters, shapes, dkf4, dkf6, wizard
     [Dennis is by far the most prolific level writer.
      Contact him on CIS with your comments      - Colin]
Chas Smyth chas
Glen Cattermole glenset2
Chris Fairgrieve hercules
Andrew Daw andrew
David Butterfield & family butter
Colin Phipps jungle, quests
Herbert Boyer h1
Neil Stevensen neil-kye
J Marston jmarston
Raphael Gensert raphael
Jytte Madsen & Erik Jacobsen danish1,danish2,kids,danish3
     [ A brilliant set of levels - you *must* try kids.kye - Colin ]
Earl Holland (CIS 73172,1736) earlh
Robert (CIS 71034,3473) 2strange
Evan Tschannen-Moran (CIS 73060,3270) sticky
(CIS 71776,3570)'s 9-year old son die
David Harper davidh
Claus-Dieter Jacob & Thomas own
Colin Tuckley ruth
Graham Griggs ggrigs
Stephen Axbey axbey
Andrew Cook cascade, whis
Jeremy Soutter jeremy
Patricia Penton (CIS 72644,306) aba-easy, aba-tuff
Steven York scot
Charles Sundt charles1
Adrian S Holovaty (CIS 102055,1034) ashfasts,ashmazes,ashshows,ashslide
     (see ash.txt)
Ben Godbehere ben
Total levels

To download the levels, click HERE.