Jumping Levels

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The level selection window in Python Kye

Classic Kye Method

In Classic Kye, as in many other computer games, each level is supposed to be completed before you can move to the next. It does have the facility (in the menu) to jump to a level by typing the name in, if you know it, but normally you can only find out the names of levels by reaching them, ie by completing all previous ones. Of course, a friend or an Internet contact might also tell you the names.

However, this can be harsh; for example some Kye levels are so difficult that you might never complete a particular one, and if there are more levels beyond they would remain inaccessible to you. Also, Classic Kye has no facility for saving a game, or even remembering what level you had reached, so unless you play though a whole series of levels at one sitting, you must remember the name of the level where you wish to resume from.

While I do not believe it should be too tempting and easy to skip levels, there are some ways round this. If you are creating a set of levels with an editor, you might wish to name the levels "One", "Two", "Three" etc so that the names are obvious. Another way, as a player, is to open the .kye file of the level set in a text editor; the names of all the levels can easily be identified amongst the other data, as explained under "Text Editing" on the "Level Building" page here. This method can be used with any version of Kye using the Classic .kye file format, such as Python Kye.

Python Kye

Python Kye is an improvement on Classic Kye in that it remembers what levels you have tackled previously. When the Level menu is pulled down it shows all of those, and you can either select one (probably the last, being the most recent) or type in a level still unplayed and hidden from you if you know the name - perhaps from examining the .kye file as explained for Classic Kye above.

Christmas Kye & Dr Floyd's Kye


These versions also differ from Classic but in a different way. As in Python Kye, when you pull down the "Level" entry on the menu you are presented with a choice of all the levels up to and including the one you have reached so far, but not the ones ahead.

However these versions do not allow you to type in a level name that is ahead even if you know it, and you cannot find out the names of levels ahead by examining a .kye data file because there is none.

However, they remember the level you have reached by saving its name in a text file in the c:\WINDOWS\ directory, and if this is edited to give the name of the final level, that, and all the intermediate levels, suddenly become accessible in the "Level" menu. This is done as follows :-

Christmas Kye (1)

Find the file C:\WINDOWS\C4WKYE.INI and replace its content by:


Christmas Kye (2)

Find the file C:\WINDOWS\C4WKYE.INI and replace its content by:


Christmas Kye Jr

Find the file C:\WINDOWS\XMASKYE.INI and replace its content by:


Dr. Floyd's Kye

Find the file C:\WINDOWS\MPS.INI and replace its content by:

BESTLEVEL=Wild Goose Chase

Having done that, in future the pull-down level menu will offer a choice of all the levels there are. This can be seen for all these variants on the "Chistmas Kye" page.

Note that Christmas Kye (1) and (2) use files with the same name as each other, C4WKYE.INI, so playing one version will over-write the file of the other. If you wish to switch between playing these two versions, back up and restore their respective C4WKYE.INI files as appropriate.


Jumping levels in Xye is quite straightforward (perhaps too easy!). There are icons in the menu bar to jump to the next or previous level, and these may be clicked any number of times.