The Game of Kye


An Example : Python Kye playing "Rounders" (in Level Set "Problem")  on Linux

Kye is an action-puzzle game. Kye (the green sprite) must collect all the gems without getting stuck or eaten. There are many different items in the game; Kye can push some and, under certain circumstances, pull them. You should experiment to find the properties of the various objects. Although it may sound simple, Kye offers many unique challenges that can occupy you for hours. Some levels offer arcade action, some are simple games for very young childen, some require chess problem type analysis, and others give dynamic displays. Kye is surely one of the best computer puzzle games ever.

Both Windows and Linux versions are shareware or free, and can be downloaded from or via links from this website. There are also hundreds of different levels to play that can be downloaded from here, and links to even more. Level editors are also available, so you can design your own games - and have them added to this site.

Kye was originally written in 1992 by Colin Garbutt as a charity shareware program for Windows v3.0; on this website I refer to this version as "Classic Kye". Since then several other versions of Kye have been written, some of which seem to have since disappeared. There are however links to the web sites of all known active ones here.

The original Classic Kye supported the charity Save the Children, and back then when you registered with the author and donated to that charity you would receive a further set of levels known as "The Registration Levels". Today these levels can be downloaded from the "Classic Kye" page, and to maintain the original spirit you are requested to donate to a children's charity of your choice.

Notice: The rights of the files at this website belong to their respective owners. I included them here either with permission or because they have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please, let me know. Thanks.