The Versions of Kye

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In case of misunderstanding, what are shown below are different implementations of Kye and their different styles, not the game-play. These screen shots show games in progress which may in general have been played in any other version by loading the appropriate game file. The exceptions are some of the commercial versions which come with a fixed set of games built into them.

The Original Kye - Classic Kye


This is the original Kye (at Version 2.0) for 16-bit Windows and released in 1992 as shareware. It will also run on Windows 95/98/ME and XP, provided all file and directory names in its path adhere to the DOS 8.3 naming scheme. On this website I refer to it as "Classic Kye". Further information and the download may be found on this page

Python Kye


Showing the "Small" and "Tiny" view options using modified sprite graphics. There are also "Standard" and "Large" views

Written by Colin Phipps to provide a Kye game on Linux or any other platform that has a Python interpretor. There are instructions for installing it on Windows here and on the Python Kye web site (link below). One of the design aims was to reproduce the gameplay of Classic Kye very accurately, even those features which could be considered programming bugs.

There is a very good companion editor and the graphics are GIF, PNG or SVG format in an accompanying zip file - so the sprite graphics can easily be modified if you wish. The SVG vector graphics format gives options to scale the playing area up or down (useful for the visually impared). It has the facility to record and replay a game . Python Kye is available from its web site here (or from the Links page).

Kye for Playdate


A version for the Playdate by Mouflon Cloud. Playdate is a small handheld games console with a black and white display, released in 2023. As of early 2024 the status of Kye for the Playdate is "In development" but it can be downloaded. A Playdate emulator for the PC is available. A unique feature of this version is that play can be wound back by means of the crank that the Playdate console has on its side.

The Kye for Playdate web site is here or from the Links page. The Playdate website is here.

Ultimate Kye


The WebGL version running in a Firefox browser

A new open source version of Kye (at v0.2 in Feb 2021). It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and in a WebGL version that will run in a browser. It contains many new levels and an editor is promised.

The Ultimate Kye web site is here, or from the Links page.



Xye with "Ancestral" graphics theme running on a Debian-related Linux Distro)

A recent and active version of Kye by Victor Soliz. The default graphics differ from Classic Kye in having an Aztec or Inca style (I am not an expert) called "Ancestral". There is also a "Clean" graphics option which is more like the original Kye. In either case the artwork is superb.

Xye has some significant differences from Classic Kye and its clones. There are many new objects and features available, such as teleports, edge wrapping, door keys and pushable blocks of arbitrary size and shape. There are also more than one possible graphic and colour of some features. The player's piece, in this case called the "Xye" can only move orthogonally, not diagonally, which feels a little frustrating if you are used to Classic Kye.

Xye is in fact a superset of Classic Kye, and levels in .kye format can be played on it. A particular feature of Xye is the presence on the menu of the ability to play the pre-recorded solution of the current level - if the level author has placed it there (otherwise the icon is greyed out). If present it can be too tempting to click on it in a difficult level.

Xye is available for a range of platforms. It is open source, released under a PNG/ZLIB licence. The Xye web site also offers binary packages for modern Windows, Linux (Ubuntu and OpenSUSE) and FreeBSD. As far as I know it is the only Kye-like game that is simple to run on Windows 7. The Xye web site is here, or from the Links page.

Christmas Kye and Dr Floyd's Kye


There are four known closely related versions of Kye which were written for Windows 3.x and have their level sets built into the executable. They cannot play external level sets. Three of the versions have graphics with a Christmas theme, and the fourth (Dr Floyd's Kye) uses graphics close to those of Classic Kye. All have some additional decoration around the playing area, and there are sound effects. They seem to have been commercial versions and are now abandonware.

They had no real advantages over Classic Kye, but for interest they are fully described and may be downloaded from the "Christmas Kye" page. Their level sets have been extracted in .kye format and some are available as Sampler and Christmas Kye on the "Levels" page, in the Registration level sets available via the "Classic Kye" page, and they are also available on the "Christmas Kye" page.

Amazing Kye


Shown at half-scale

A shareware version of Kye by Sergey Stolbov released in December 2001. It has 15 free levels and 50 on registration with payment. It has its own graphics, music and some other features. There is a version for Windows (up to XP) here, and a version for PDAs here. It is unclear what is included in "PDAs", but the web site says WinCE/PocketPC.

Kye and SKye for Texas Instruments TI-89/92


Versions of Kye for these monochrome hand-helds can be found at : Kye -, and : SKye -

Kye 3.0

A project called Kye 3.0 was started by Luke-Jr using Visual Basic. The name and "3.0" version number suggest that it is the pedigree successor to Classic Kye v2.0, but clearly it is not. On its Sourceforge homepage it is said to have been updated April 2013, but all the files in the download are dated 2001.

Kye for the Mac

A version of Kye for the Mac can be downloaded here. Whether it will run on a modern Mac I do not know, as I have never tried it. Your feedback would be welcome.